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So this happened last Sunday!  (at 60 Minutes)
One car is holding up traffic.  (at Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum)
Good morning  (at Fort Washington Park)
Lawd #boudin
Omg #crawfish
Life changing
Happy Mardi Gras from NYC
My life is complete
Dinner! (at Guantanamera)
Beautiful  (at Bann)
Old friends from college reunite! Happy birthday Carol! (at Bann)
My new twins! I’ll call them both Emmy  (at 60 Minutes)
That day I met AC before actually working on his stories. #tbt #blessed #nofilter
I want the snow to die! But how great is the view!!? (at 60 Minutes)
Soooo, this happened at dinner last night lol. Brown rice hearts.  (at Room Service)